Differences between Business Class and First Class

May 10th, 2013

Airline travel, ever since 9-11, has become a bit of a hassle. With increased security checks and long lines at airports, it’s no wonder more and more people are frustrated with flying. Still, flying somewhere is usually cheaper and faster than driving, so if you’re going to fly these days, consider flying first class.

Some airlines offer extra perks with first class service, such as a limo pick-up service to get you to and from the airports. Porters are often ready to help you carry your bags. Some airports offer well-appointed lounges for first class passengers, away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the masses. First class passengers generally are the first ones on the plane, and first ones off. They get special treatment, feeling like a V.I.P. And they sit in the front of the plane, away from engine noise.

We know you like more leg room. Who doesn’t? We know you like to be waited on like a king or queen. First class allows you to feel the most relaxed and comfortable as possible on an airplane. The seats are wider, more luxurious, and offer ample leg room. Most airlines offer a lie-flat seat in first class, which means you can sleep on the plane as if you were in your own bed at home. Some airlines even offer curtains or other privacy dividers so it’s like you have your own little room on board. Complimentary pillows, blankets, pajamas and toiletry kits are some more benefits of flying first class. Eating aboard a plane in first class is like dining at a fine, upscale restaurant. It’s not uncommon for airlines to offer champagne, wine, lobster and caviar to first class passengers.

With first class, you don’t have to wait around for a flight attendant to serve you. He or she is tending to you and perhaps two or three others, so they’re available at your whim, to make your flight as comfortable as can be.
Finally, if you participate in a frequent flyer program, first class passengers can accrue up to three times the number of miles flown, which could prove beneficial when you want to take a vacation or business trip in the future.
First class is the superior way to travel.

New York to London - $2569 Business Class Chicago to Beijing - $3489 Business Class Miami to Sao Paulo - $2899 Busines Class