Executive Travel Service – Welcome To Our New Website!

February 6th, 2013

Welcome to our new travel blog! We are excited to share our vast knowledge of the first class flying experience. Our dedicated staff has over 25 combined years of experience working in the flying industry. What we offer our frequent flyers is a chance to fly in style and comfort at THE most affordable price. We won’t allow you to pay high prices for your flights, this is our guarantee to you. Executive Class Travel has the most competitive prices, plus booking with us is easy! Our website has a quick and simple flight search guide so be sure to take advantage!

Now onto an important topic for our readers: the benefits of first class flying! If you have a chance to fly in luxury, it’s a wise investment to take. There are many advantages and very few, if any, disadvantages of the first class experience.

First class might be higher priced than economy, but the perks are definitely worth the extra money, we guarantee it.

When flying economy you get the standard care, which is the complete opposite of first class. With a first class airline ticket, you receive personal attention all around. There’s a certain appealing ambiance of first class as well as much more room to spread out and get comfortable.

Not to mention, the food and drink menus are much more elegant and sophisticated. For flights over two hours in first class, passengers are able to sip on cocktails and dine on gourmet meals prepared by executive chefs, free of charge. Some airlines even offer per-departure beverages.

Last minute or long flights are common for business travelers. First class offers pillows, blankets and seats that recline for maximum comfort and resting capabilities. Laptop hook ups, individual screens and on-demand movies are also commonly found in the first class section.

Need more reasons to switch to first class? Special check-ins and security sections make the boarding process quicker than economy class. You’ll also get the opportunity to board first and check additional baggage (weight limits are still in place).

Airlines go out of their way to make sure first class passengers receive a flight experience unlike any other. Don’t miss out on the luxuries. We can help you find the most affordable first class flight to your destination, guaranteed.

New York to London - $2569 Business Class Chicago to Beijing - $3489 Business Class Miami to Sao Paulo - $2899 Busines Class