How To Sell Your Air Miles

June 4th, 2013

One of the perks of frequent flying and airline associated credit cards is the chance to accrue airline miles to be used for future travel tickets. There are many ways to rack up air mile points including shopping with a credit card that’s affiliated with a carrier, buying miles from the airline directly, flying often and flying in first class status.

But with blackout ticket dates and other flight reservation restrictions, those miles often go unused. No one likes the fact that the air miles they’ve paid for end up getting wasted. Typically, once you have accrued the air mile points, you have to use them or lose them.

There are brokers out there whose main mission is to help people do something with their air miles that they can’t use. The process is simple: you contact a broker, inform them of the points you need to get rid of, they’ll find you a buyer and you can sell the unused airline miles in return for money.

However, we’ve made it much easier for you. Executive Class Travel also has a solution so that you can do something with those unused miles and make some extra money. We have a unique service where you can sell your unused air miles to us at a fair price and we’ll pay you in return. So the next time you’re feeling bummed about those wasted air miles, give us a call.

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