Innovations in Airline Travel

July 15th, 2013

As air travel remains a top choice for traveling, airports, airlines and technology gurus have been utilizing resources and brain power to come up with new innovations to wow airline passengers.

Five smartphone apps have been created to allow passengers to get ahead of the game and avoid heavy kiosk or check-in lines at the airport.

1. Mobile and NFC/RFID Boarding: this app allows you to check-in for your flight from home. United and Delta provide passengers with a digital code rather than a printed ticket for boarding.

2. Mobile Concierge: for frequent flyers, this app gives you the chance to check-in, check flight status and obtain airport maps on your smartphone or tablet. This service is free when traveling by way of Southwest or JetBlue airline.

3. My TSA: this app gives you access to checking airport security lines as well as flight status.

4. TSA Pre-Check: Take first class to a whole new level by avoiding those long security lines with this pre-check service. With a specific barcode printed onto the ticket, you’re a certified passenger that can be moved to the expedited security line.

5. Sky Wi-Fi: you can use your mobile devices while on the plane. Thanks to land-based towers, you have a good chance of accessing the Web while in the sky. innovationsinflight

Something else that has peaked interest lately is the chance to fly in a plane that is run by composites. Also, you can possibly see planes that don’t contain a fuselage, which is where the cabin and cockpit currently sit. Rather, the plane will be one flying wing like a fighter jet or the infamous Concorde that was flown in the 1970’s.

At the Air Show in Le Bourget, Paris, France, the hot item was the Airbus’ newest jet, the A350. This jet relies heavily on composites for power. Carbon fiber and plastics are among two of the lightweight materials being used. It is also stated that with the use of composites, planes should last a lot longer and have lesser need to be serviced.

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