Is First Class Really Worth It? Yes and Here’s Why!

May 14th, 2013

You can certainly enjoy an airline flight in a business class seat, but that flight will be unparalleled to what you would experience when flying first class. First class status has long been an option for people to travel by way of airplane, train and ship.

What was once an exclusive luxury for the rich and famous, thanks to travel memberships, flight rewards and upgrades, first class is now more than ever affordable for everyone. Often times, first class begins well before you buckle up in your plush seat. Many airlines offer a first class lounge that offers free cocktails and food, pampering and comfortable seating.

In order to classify first class, one would start with location on the plane. Plush and roomy seating at the front of the plane, behind the cockpit, is reserved for first class passengers. This means, the mile high club members board and de-board first.

Now onto accommodations. You can say that a first class seat is equivalent in comfort to a lay-Z-boy lounge chair. The seats themselves are wider, making getting cozy easier. Lets not also forget the leg room, ah yes, room to stretch! Some airlines, depending on duration of the flight, will even offer bunk style beds for first class guests.

In first class, peanuts and crackers are not what’s on the menu. You’ll receive selections complete with meal course choices of delicious foods and cocktails. First class passengers also receive personal attention from flight attendants. If you need a refill, to place a food order or a pillow and blanket, waiting is not an option in first class.

Business travelers often reserve many of the seats in first class. The privacy alone is worth it so that work can be done. However, many newlyweds, retirees and just those who want to share in the ultimate flying experience will be found in first class.

Even if you only plan on flying first class once in your life, it should be booked by Executive Class Travel. We often offer specials, promotions and can’t beat it deals. Make you next vacation or trip the best yet before you land by relishing in the comforts of first class travel.

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New York to London - $2569 Business Class Chicago to Beijing - $3489 Business Class Miami to Sao Paulo - $2899 Busines Class