Meals In 1st Class Compared to Coach

May 21st, 2013

There are definitely differences between eating a meal in first class and chowing down in coach. It’s part of the reason people pay more to sit in first class. They know they are going to get a better meal, more options and a superior overall dining experience. Here are a few of the differences you can expect between eating in first class and coach.

Choice – The biggest difference right away is variety. In first class you can expect many different choices with different varieties and combinations. Sure you can expect to receive a wonderful lobster tail with caviar, but if that’s not your thing, they’ll offer you something different. Perhaps a prime rib cut, salmon or chicken cordon bleu will better suit your taste. In coach, there are very limited options. If you have specific needs, like being a vegetarian, needing gluten free options or if you have specific food allergies, your options may have gone to basically zero.

ServiceFirst class service is prompt, personal and friendly. In first class, there may only be one attendant assigned to service 3-4 passengers. In coach, the numbers increase pretty heavily, so a quick, personal service is less likely. It’s no fault of the attendant. Just a simple numbers game. They don’t have the ability to personally attend to every passenger.

Beverages – In coach, you’ll still have access to a list of beverages, both alcoholic and non. However, in first class, that list gets a little lengthier. You can expect a bigger wine list, cocktail selection as well as beer options. Some airlines also offer unlimited beverage options, like unlimited wine throughout lunch.

Without a doubt, flying first class offers you a much better experience when it comes to the food portion of the flight. Depending on how long the flight is, or how much you are willing to spend, first class can quickly turn into a no-brainer for international flights or long trips.

New York to London - $2569 Business Class Chicago to Beijing - $3489 Business Class Miami to Sao Paulo - $2899 Busines Class