Tips for Traveling to Asia

August 1st, 2013

Asia is the largest continent on Earth in both size and population. There are over 4 billion people living in Asia and when you add tourism on top of that, the number of people moving about is overwhelming. There are 48 countries within Asia, two being shared by Europe. Asia is by far the most culturally diverse of all seven continents.

Just as you would when traveling to any foreign place, you have to pre-plan. The top five Asian countries to visit according to are Philippines, Japan, Singapore, India and Thailand.

Years ago, traveling to any one of these locations could cost you a lot of money. With more and more Asian travel, new airlines are forming and current ones are offering affordable flights. Asia itself is known as one of the most affordable continents to visit.

There are a few myths revolving around travel to Asia and knowing these will help you enjoy your trip much more.

1. You need to learn the language before you visit. Truth is, in almost every place in Asia you will discover that English is spoken.

2. Street food is not safe. Actually, when you purchase food from a street cart you get to see the meals prepared for you, which is not the case when dining in.

3. Traveling to Asia is dangerous. Common sense goes a long way in a foreign place just as it does at home.

4. Asia travel is expensive. In Thailand, you can often sleep, eat and explore for just $20.00 a day. There is a favorable exchange rate in Asia.

5. Traveling by tour is the best way to travel in Asia. Traveling by tour can cost you more money and it’s not always necessary. For first-timers though, it can be a comfort to travel in a group.

Other helpful tips for traveling about in Asia include:

1. If you plan on venturing outside of tourist areas or are visiting Asia for a long period of time, it’s wise to get caught up on vaccinations. A common vaccine to get before traveling to Asia is Hepatitis A and B, Measles, Tetanus/Diphtheria and Typhoid. Check with your doctor before leaving.

2. Some Asian countries require a travel visa before entry. This is a stamp on your passport. Countries such as China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and India require this for access. You can visit the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs website for current visa requirement information.

3. Travel insurance is a wise investment to protect any valuables you’re bringing.

4. Asia has erratic weather conditions. Some locations are more dry or wet than others so check weather patterns before you go.

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