Navigating Indira Gandhi International Airport

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport handles more flights than any other airport in South Asia. It is the major airport for the capital city of New Delhi and the surrounding area of Delhi.

IGI: An Airport In Flux

Indira Gandhi International Airport, better known as IGI, is truly too small for all of the air traffic that it carries. This airport is typically overcrowded and overwhelming, especially for first time business travelers. The airport is being redesigned in order to create an environment that handles more planes and people.

International Travel Through Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is responsible for all international flights, while Terminal 1 handles all domestic flights. Both terminals have recently been renovated to increase comfort and ease for passengers.

What To Expect In Years To Come

Terminal 3 became the third largest terminal in the world in 2010. As airfare to IGI becomes busier, two new terminals will be built. Only after Terminal 4 is constructed will the old Terminal 2 be completely phased out and ultimately torn down. These renovations will greatly improve the airport and create an easier environment for passengers to travel.

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