Comparing First Class And Business Class Travel

Trying to decide between first class and business class travel? The material below provides you with the information needed to make the decision that best suits your travel needs. We have written item-by-item comparisons between the two styles of flight to give you an easy, stress free way of selecting your perfect flight plan.


First class: Virtually every first class flight carrier offer fully reclining seats, giving you a bed-like seat for longer/overnight traveling times. Although these seats may not be the most comfortable selection for shorter trips, we highly recommended them for lengthy travel times.

Business class: Seats will recline slightly more than in economy, and some carriers even upgrade their seats to recline fully. A large benefit of seating in business class is the extra legroom not available in economy.

Food Service

First class: First class food services provide the most luxurious food selections available on airlines. Meals come commonly prepared by four-star chefs and give passengers the feeling of eating in a fine restaurant. The meal selections are truly unbeatable in first class.

Business class: Business class offers delicious, well-presented meals of the same quality as first class. However, the portions of food will be smaller in business class. Multi-course meals are rarely available, but other options may present themselves upon request. Having the option of a to-go meal is available on select carriers.

In Flight Amenities

First class: The flight attendants on a first class flight are specifically trained to help and attend to their passengers. Luxurious amenities are offered to first class passengers. These amenities include: designer silk pajamas for extra comfort, slippers, and toiletries to ensure your feeling of refreshment.

Business class: Business class offers many amenities as well, but not on the same level of luxury as first class. Pajamas and slippers are provided to passengers for comfort. Although they will not be quite as comfortable as the first class offerings, you will still enjoy a restful and relaxing trip.

The Bottom Line

First class airfare will always provide the most satisfying and luxurious travel experience possible, but business class airfare is also a desirable option. Business class will be less expensive as first class, which is often appealing to customers. First class offers every amenity that business offers, guaranteeing you everything you could desire on a flight.

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