Guide To Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

Terminal 1

19The busiest terminal international passengers will see when they land is terminal one. It has continually updated since it’s opening, and now stands as the major destination for travel into Sydney.

29 total gates are on the two concourses, B and C, as well as additional remote bays. Some major routes through this terminal include Singapore (via Singapore airlines), London via Singapore (Quantas), Los Angeles (Quantas), Dubai (Emirates), and Auckland (Emirates.)
This terminal is fully prepared with first class amenities for guests equipped with shopping and lounges for each of the airlines that fly from Sydney. The location of the airport itself is beautiful, sitting right on gorgeous Botany Bay.

Finding Your Way from Gate to Bags and Back

If you are flying out from Terminal 1, then you may bypass the long transfer time that occurs between terminals. You collect your bags within your terminal, rather than having to wait for transit to another terminal. In addition, on your return trip you check in within your own terminal, rather than taking a long walk or paying for a bus ride.

Be very careful with your time if you are traveling domestically or transferring. The other terminals (2 and 3) at Sydney, service domestic flights and require some extra time to get to from the International Terminal because a runway separates them.

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