A Guide To Tokyo Narita International Airport

Traveling to Tokyo from abroad means you will likely land at the Tokyo Narita International Airport. People consider this airport difficult to navigate for first time travelers, but with a little preparation you will find where you need to go.

Terminal 1

Travel Resources for JapanThis terminal consists of three wings: the North Wing, Central Building, and the South Wing. Five satellites exist around the central terminal area. These satellites hold all of the gates within Terminal 1. Satellite 1 has gates 11-18, 2 has gates 21-25, 3 has 26-38, 4 has gates 41-47, and 5 has gates 51-58.

Six floors in Terminal 1:

• The basement with rail connections
• The first floor, which has the main baggage claim as well as customs for international passengers.
• The second floor has a number of amenities such as showers, money exchanges, and a post office, as well as immigration services.
• The third floor is where all of the gates are. Connecting flights will take off from here, and travelers arriving in Terminal 1 will arrive on the third floor.
• The fourth floor is dedicated to check in and shops/restaurants.
• The fifth floor is largely cosmetic, with an observation deck and a smoking area.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has a satellite, but this satellite is not connected to the main terminal. Both are connected by a shuttle system. This terminal is mostly dominated by Japan Airlines, although some airlines that commonly transfer to Japan Airlines are beginning to use this terminal to ease connections. This terminal is organized fairly well, with check-in, departures, and immigration all on the second floor. Baggage and customs are easily accessible on the first floor. There are restaurants and other comforts throughout.

Getting Around

Luckily, the airport is a well-designed place for international travel. There are signs posted in Japanese, English, and some other languages. You will likely not have to switch terminals for connections. There will be signs regarding travel into the city. These signs will assist you in taking buses, trains, or other transit options to reach your destination. It will take at least an hour of travel time to reach downtown Tokyo from the airport.

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