Where To Eat During Sydney Travel

After your first class flight, even the most seasoned business traveler may wonder where to get a meal. With so many restaurants available in Sydney, travelers can take their pick. Listed below are a few of the thousands of restaurants in the city.

Mosaic, Post, And Prime Restaurants

This magnificent trio of restaurants is located within the Westin Sydney. Mosaic is in the lobby, while Post and Prime are in the basement. In addition, the basement of the Westin includes sushi, an oyster bar, cellar, and cheese room. With so many choices, in-hotel dining is a great option for guests of the Westin Sydney, but is also a tempting lure for all business travelers staying elsewhere.

The Wooloomooloo Finger Wharf

The Wooloomooloo Finger Wharf is an enjoyable restaurant location in Sydney. This area is home to some of the most well known and remarkable restaurants in the Sydney area.

Top establishments like Aki’s and Otto are found here, as are more casual choices like Fratelli Paradiso or the café Yellow, just a step away. If you are on the go or looking for a fun and exciting experience, head closer to the dock and find Harry’s Café de Wheels. This café is a wheeled vending establishment serving a large variety of delicious food.


The Est is one of the top choices for a business dinner. If you decide to choose a restaurant for yourself and clients, this restaurant is always a great selection. Est is located on the first floor of The Establishment, a trendy and popular hotel in Sydney.
Peter Doyle’s Est, specializes in Australian cuisine with a modern twist, served in a stunning dining room decorated in shades of cream with cast iron columns and chandeliers. Centrally located, this restaurant is a top pick for travelers in Sydney.

Billy Kwong

Located on Crown Street in Surry Hills, this restaurant is among the most unique and interesting in the Sydney area. Travelers can get modern Chinese cuisine cooked using all-organic produce by chef Kylie Kwong. Chef Kwong serves old favorites, including a magnificent crispy duck done in a blood orange sauce made with fresh produce.

The Concept Of BBQ

BBQ is one of the central pieces of Australian food culture. It is a gathering place, a fun event where everyone comes together and enjoys a succulent and delicious meal. Common items on the BBQ include all types of meat, as well as seafood, vegetables, and more.

Take-Away Food

The concept of take away dining in Australia is very different from the concept of fast food in America. Although Australia does have its fair share of fast food restaurants, take-away food tends to be more filling, more authentic, and have more health benefits.

Common foods found at take-away stands include pies and fish & chips. The pies in particular can be a meal in themselves, stuffed with meat and topped with tomato sauce. They are in some ways similar to potpies in the US. These filling and delicious meals are always a favorite for travelers.

Cultural Heritage

Virtually any kind of food can be found in Sydney. Chinese cuisine is always a popular choice amongst the tourists, because Sydney has its own Chinatown.

The most common definition of Australian cuisine is found in fresh, healthy ingredients that represent the other areas of the world. There are many Mediterranean and Eastern influences, but the dishes come out tasting distinctly Western. Anyone who enjoys American cuisine will feel at home in Sydney’s restaurants.

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