Where to Stay in Paris


The Boutique Hotel

Paris is known for its small boutique hotels that typically contain no more than 20 rooms. These tiny, beautifully decorated refuges are central in the city because of their small size.

The drawback to these hotels, however, is they offer relatively few amenities for business travel. Many gear themselves towards tourists, who require far less in the way of connectivity. Internet access is not guaranteed, which can be an issue for getting work done while staying there.

One particularly nice boutique hotel in Paris is the Murano Urban Resort, Paris. It has many stunning features, including rooms that open by fingerprint only, and a restaurant that has stalactites hanging from the ceiling. This hotel and restaurant is certainly a great place to entertain clients if you’re buying dinner.

The Budget Lodging

Many of the standard hotel chains also operate hotels in Paris. These are good for convenience, location, and price. However, unlike other hotels, they unlikely provide the business traveler with the authentic Paris experience many look for.

The Four-Star Escape

If you expect a long stay in Paris, one of the luxury chains like the Ritz-Carlton might be your best decision. Some Paris rooms can be quite small, making long travel tedious. In a luxury hotel, you are more likely to find business features helpful in the long-term, like a knowledgeable concierge and printing facilities. These four-star hotel options will never disappoint travelers.

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