Using Your Phone On An Airplane

July 11th, 2013

Have you ever really understood why you can’t make a phone call on an airplane? The truth is that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) banned cell phone use in 1991 because it was claimed that the phone’s radio frequency interfered with an airplane’s equipment systems.

Some of the disturbances noted by airplane pilots are changes in cabin pressure, compass function and wireless navigation system malfunction. It has also been stated that the use of cell phones while in the air can cause disturbances with air traffic control communication on the ground.

The year 2005 saw a little light when the FCC made an announcement that they were considering lifting some of the ban on airplane cell phone use. Although the FCC is erring on the side of caution, some state that the ban was part of a means to boost profit from having to use the seat back phones.

However, with modern technology, cell phones can run on very low power settings, which could result in lesser airplane interference. Over the years, the FCC has tried to create a threshold of radio frequency emission that is acceptable while flying in an aircraft.

Today, there are still restrictions that do not permit the use of cell phones, when the aircraft doors close and the plane is cruising and while the plane is preparing for landing. After the time of when passengers need to be aware of what’s happening cell phones can be used for texting and browsing.

Many people believe that it is absolutely necessary to use mobile devices to stay connected on a plane because we live in a world where life doesn’t function without being connected. Flight passengers may be more relaxed when they have the opportunity to log into communication with friends, family and work.

Slowly we are beginning to see aviation advancements that help passengers delight in their flying experiences without sacrificing safety. Aside from cell phone use, if you want to experience a memorable flight, contact Executive Class Travel for first class flights.

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