What To Expect Flying First Class For The First Time

May 31st, 2013

For first time flyers in first class, the experience can be a wonderful and exciting time. However, there are some important things to be aware of before heading on your trip. Even if it’s been a long time since you have flown first class, things might be different, so what happened before might not be the same this time around.

Because first class travel varies from airline to airline, the first step should be to consult with the actual airline your flying on. Check their website for specific amenities to see what exactly you can expect and what might be omitted. One of the commonalities between all airlines, and something you can expect no matter who you fly with, is the excellent meal selection and variety. Today, most airlines offer a wide variety of entrée choices for their first class flyers. The entrees are served to order and usually come with a lengthy wine list to choose from. The service is very personal since there are less passengers traveling first class. You’ll get one attendant serving perhaps only three or four passengers a piece, instead of one attendant assigned to 20-30.

One of the best advantages of flying first class, and something you can rely on or expect, is the comfort. A lie-flat seat will help you find a comfortable position in order to relax on a long flight. When reclined, some seats actually resemble more of a bed. Not a bad idea for a long flight to London, Paris or even Hawaii.

Finally, the name first class comes from the idea of you having the first seats in the plane. Turbulence and engine noise is less toward the front of the plane, providing you a more comfortable ride. You also board and exit the plane first.

These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of flying first class. Always look into each individual airline to see what separates them from other options.

New York to London - $2569 Business Class Chicago to Beijing - $3489 Business Class Miami to Sao Paulo - $2899 Busines Class